Before and After Laundry Room Love the Change

Before and After Laundry Room Love the ChangeNow this is one awesome laundry room! I absolutely love the way they remodeled it. They took it from boring and dull to glamorous and fun.

The decorator here managed to make a small space look like a vivid room. The floor caught my attention first; the colors remind me of summer and make me want to go outside. The blue and white stripes complement the entire scene perfectly. Then they picked an giant woven basket for the laundry basket, something I’ve never seen before.

The decorations on top of the dryer are adorable. The wall paper they picked is magnificent. The green and white colors contrast beautifully with the blue and white floors. The shelves above the washer and dryer set-up are probably the biggest change of the room.

I love how they’re sectioned off to make four equal parts and allow room for the cabinet. Before, the cleaning supplies were cluttered together messily on top. Now they are stashed away in this lovely white cabinet away from view. The décor on either side of the bottom shelves matches this whole seen remarkably.

The idea of enjoying a nicely decorated room while you’re doing the annoying task of washing close is very appealing. There are also beautiful towels methodically placed on either side of the top shelves; not only for decoration but for their usual purpose as well. The baskets they are placed in are a perfect match for the clothes basket on the floor. Last but not least, we have the pictures on both walls; which were placed to be symmetrical.


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