I Would Love to Have This Dining Room

I Would Love to Have This Dining RoomWow… can you say amazing? This dining room set up took my breath away. Our featured designer here is Pottery Barn and they did a fantastic job. The caption “perfectly imperfect” couldn’t describe the scenery any better.

The table appears to be unfinished, but it’s still stunning; reminds me of a more simpler time. Then we have the chairs surrounding the table which are all painted different shades of mahogany. And the plant on the table is the icing on the cake.

The little plant buds in the pot are almost a mix between spring and summer, which makes the theme of this scene almost a wonderful mystery. And we can’t forget the dozens of paintings in the background; it’s like they’re almost screaming “Look at me!” The paintings are just enough so that you enjoy the originality of them being hung around the dining room set, but they don’t look too clustered.

This is the type of room that a family would love spending a lot of time in. The rug is quite a catch, too; if you look closely you can see that the floors are actually hardwood and there is a lovely rug laying under the entire dining room set. This is a convenient way to decorate the home because you can still appreciate your beautiful hardwood floors while admiring the pretty rug that rests on them. My favorite part of this whole set up is how the chairs aren’t exactly the same material as the table; they are wooden as well, but they are finished and a different shade.


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