A Safe Way to Enjoy Candle Lights

A Safe Way to Enjoy Candle LightsPeople nowadays are very obsessed with pampering and relaxing even in the slightest attack of stress. For some, they find hobbies such as trips to gym, shopping, salon time. Others find comfort in homes with a bubble bath with scented oils, classical music and spa candles.

The dim lights created by the candles gives an easing ooze of tickles to the eyes. The tiny flickers of light gives life to our souls in a very calming way. It makes us think about ourselves and we as center of our universe. How ever, lighting candles are very dangerous in cases where we fall asleep. Candles are open flames that caused common fire accidents to a lot of household.

So here’s an easy solution to keep your homes achieve that magical wonder of the tiny flames but puts it in the safest possibly way.

  1. Obtain some old clear drinking glass. Make sure to wash them until crystal clear to make them look good as new.
  2. Get some strong twigs from the tree. Scrub them properly. Cut them to fit the inside and height of the glass. Make sure to leave some space for the candle topping for later. Get a colorless nail polish and apply it to the twig. Leave it to completely dry. Place the twigs beautifully inside the glass.
  3. Fill the glass with clear tap water.
  4. Place some flat candles on top of the water. Be careful not to sink the candle. But don’t worry too much. Candle wax is less denser than water, it will always float. In transporting your new handiwork, make sure not to spill any water.
  5. Don’t worry if you fell asleep and left the candles lit. When the candle completely melts, the water will turn the flame off.

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