The Living Area that Says a Lot of Words

The Living Area that Says a Lot of WordsDream houses are always very huge! A perception and vision we had from the influences of fairy tales that lived in a big palace. When we want to open our double doors, we want our huge home to take our breaths away. Magnificent.Astonishing. We want countless beautiful words to be described to the home we worked for, the home we built, the home where our children and their grand children will grow.

Well not all of us wants to enter a house of glamour. We still want simplicity, sophistication, livable. A house that was built from the money of hard work, but not a shout out of arrogance.A house where little running babies are not afraid to feel and enjoy home.A house that says everything.A house with a lot of words.

The sight of an open living area is truly remarkable. Breath-taking.Gallant. It appreciates the space of the whole house. The openness itself tells how to whole house was built to portray an elegant but simple perception. It gives a glamorous look indeed, but it also tells a family can grow in there. It tells the closeness of the family, that every room is connected and open to a single, wide family room. It tells a place where family members can all gather, sit around the fire place and gives each other a warm embrace. It tells how the rest of the rooms in the house can easily be reached, in case of emergencies or family situations. It tells how good it is for a house to be built from simplicity to fit all kinds of family needs.


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