IKEA products that will make your life easier

ikea-shoe-drawers-hemnes-collection-Who doesn’t  love to get a “Life Hack”? Well, IKEA, founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943 Sweden has become one of the largest furniture retailers as of 2008, not only are they known for their furniture retailing, but also their clean designs and life hacking furniture. Many of their furniture pieces can be used for many different ways. Here’s just a few Ikea products that will make your life 100% more pleasant:

  • Storage Bed– This bed can be lifted up and what’s underneath? Storage space! You can store your winter clothes or if you’re like me and in a hurry to clean before friends come over you can just store everything under the bed!
  • Corner Cabinet– This cabinet is a triangle shape and can be slid into awkward corners with no problem. It’ll give you more storage and space to hide stuff and still look stylish in that corner. Not to mention it will be out of the way so no bumping your hips on the corners of it.
  •  Cord Hiding Nightstand– Have you ever had a collection of cords beside your bed at night? If you’re like me you have the phone cord, extension cord, laptop cord, lamp cords etc. well with this product you can snake them through the legs of this table and have them on the top of the table or in the drawers.
  • Footstool Storage– This was absolutely made for the people like myself. Ever have toys or random magazines or anything littering your livingroom floor? Then a ring of the doorbell and you’re scrambling to clean everything up? Well, with this lifesaver all you’ll have to do is lift up the top of the footstool and throw everything in.
  • Laundry Drying Rack– This rack gives you clips to hang odd items like small towels, rags, pillowcases, quilts, etc. This is perfect for the busy mother who wants to save some power by going back to the natural drying ways. Its a step up from a dryer but a step back from the great outdoors lines where people can see your personal items.

If you’re looking to purchase IKEA furniture online and have it delivered to you at home, try this Amazon link: IKEA Furniture
These are just a few of the hacks that IKEA provides for you. But once you buy your IKEA products you can extend the stylish hacks further.

That video is one way to style up your IKEA bookshelf! I love it! It’s a fabulous bookshelf!

Want more hacks? Watch the video below!

Those are just a few more of the millions of hacks you can do with your IKEA furniture.

Do you have any IKEA furniture? Have you done any hacks? Comment your responses below!


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