Ikea Shoe Cabinet that Can Hold up to 27 Pairs

Ikea Shoe Cabinet that Can Hold up to 27 PairsShoes are very difficult to store. They need a lots of space to keep them clean and in good condition. Shoes that are just placed around the corners tends to get easily destroy and undesirable to wear.

In our small closet, there ain’t enough space for new shoes. Even worse, heels and pumps take a large space. Sometimes we just place them on the floor or back to the shoe box. It is very difficult to locate them when we need it the next time.

Ikea shoe drawers offers a very space saving design for a shoe rack. It is slim and it can even hold up to 27 pairs of a variety of shoe type from heels to boots to wedges to slingbacks to sneakers to flip flops. It has a slender design which takes a very small surface area in your bedroom or closet. It has 3 reachable drawers. Each drop down drawer has three compartments that can hold three pairs per compartment! It has a very good ventilation where you can keep your shoes longer without deteriorating its quality. Not only that, it has a small drawers on top where you can put your shoe accessories such as shoelaces, leather wax and shoe brush.

The secret of this drawer is it uses up even the least available space and maximizes it. It is ideal for rooms with very limited spaces. It also have a very strong color which is sleek and elegant. It is even made of the most durable materials that it can last for years! The drawers are light weight so opening and closing it is not heavy enough even for the most heavy shoes.


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