Spring Wreath Made Just for You

Spring Wreath Made Just for YouSometimes we feel a little crafty. Our imagination sometimes knocks on our noggin’ trying to come out. In times like that, why not set them free, pick up you PVC glue, and do some art! Let’s try to make a very beautiful wreath that has the right forest fairy ethereal blend. This project can be hanged in your bedroom door. When guests sees this, they will surely want one too!

  1. Obtain a wreath made of twigs. You can buy one at the 99 cents store. If you’re diligent enough, obtain some long twigs and glue then together to a circle. But this is a tedious task.
  2. Glue some synthetic plastic flowers of white and lavender. You can buy some at bookstores or craft shops. Make sure sure to make to glue them together very tightly and avoid spaces.
  3. On a cardboard, cut out the first letter of your name. Make at least five and glue them together. This makes the letter a lot thicker. Get some lavender poster paint and paint on the cardboard. Look at the beautiful effect the poster paint makes with the cardboard.
  4. Glue the letter on the free part of the wreath.

Now, your beautiful craft art is done. You can show it off and hang it on your bedroom door. You can also make some for the rest of your family so it serves are door labels to whom the bedroom owns. You can also make one to your mom as a Mother’s Day gift or something nice for your little sister.


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