Style Your Own Folding Chairs

Style Your Own Folding ChairsThere are some old things in our garage that we’re so dying to throw out. Like old iron picket fences, worn out basketball and old carpets. If you have old folding chairs, don’t throw them out! You can restyle and repaint them into something that looks good as new!

All we need are some simple materials: fabric, spray paint, scissors, screwdriver and stapler.

  1. Remove the cushion from the chair by unscrewing the bolts using a screw driver. And set aside.
  2. Spray paint the chair with a pastel colors or any colors you like. Just make sure it matches the fabric that will be used later. Remember to place some paper on the floor for a clean work place. If the chair has a dark color or a smooth surface, apply a primer before spray painting so the paint will stick.
  3. Lay the thick new fabric on the cushion and turn them upside down. Cut the fabric three inches more the the size of the cushion. Securely staple the fabric in place.
  4. When the chair is dry, assemble the cushion back to its place.

Now you can enjoy your new folding chairs! For a more fun design, match out some summer colors with fabrics with floral patterns. This go well in trip to the beach or a pool party. These remade folding chairs are also perfect for kid’s party! Just match pink or blue chairs with fabrics patterned in balls or clouds print. It is fun to do your own work and make a very pretty and resourceful result!


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