Renew Your Own Headboard in 5 Easy Steps

Renew Your Own Headboard in 5 Easy StepsTo spice up the looks of your bed, we try a couple of new things. We make a cool color combination of sheets, place tassels of the pillow, adjust the lighting of the room and the likes. Another help I Love Decoration can provide is a do it yourself customized headboards, with studs and design you like. It is a tedious task but it is all worth it.

To make yourself a beautifully made headboard, you’ll need the following materials:

  • thick plywood or wood (carved especially for a headboard)
  • felt fabric or upholstery fabric
  • thin foam
  • stud or buttons
  • sewing machine
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • nails and hammer
  1. Remove any existing plywood. Measure the width of the bed. Cut the plywood to desired measurements or you can use the pre-existing headboard.
  2. Measure the headboard. Cut the fabric and thin foam approximately fives inches more than the size of the headboard per side.
  3. Sew the fabric and thin foam together. Note that when you sew, there exists an artistic ridge at the site of the thread. You can make out designs. Place some studs or buttons at the ridge to add more beauty.
  4. Place the sewn fabric on top of the headboard and face them down. Secure the fabric onto the back of the headboard by carefully using the stapler. Make sure to do this tightly. Loose fabrics might be easily torn.
  5. Once done, hammer the headboard back to the bed.

Now enjoy your new bed! It looks a lot different with a new headboard. And it is cheap and you do not need a carpenter or any other people to do it!


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