A Girls’ Room

A Girls’ RoomThe right colors for your home can awe visitors upon first visit. There a lot of colors that are very popular just like kitten white, light brown, faint pink, sky blue and rarely lightest touch of green. There are also not so popular colors just like fuchsia and black. There are even some colors that are surprisingly not fit for a house, but a very unique and artistic choice.

A pink house is a very unusual color for a house. Usually young successful women building their dream houses chooses this color. But always remember to think it through. You are not always a child forever. So instead of I pink house, you can always feel like a princess in a very huge pink room!

To make it cuter, do not use those pink paint as walls! They sometimes causes migraines, especially for those with not so sharp vision. Match your baby pink accent with a dirty white wall! Pink doors, pink windows, pink couch, pink bed, pink closet. . .everything in all those shades of pink! Yellow is also a good touch to add light and sunshine to your fun looking room.

Feel like a girl again and dance to Britney Spears or Spice girls jams. Dance around the patio and feel the warmth of the summer sun. Invite friends over and do your hair, make-up and set up a little fashion show dressed like Hannah Montana. Gather a shitload of DVDs and watch and cry to your favorite chick flicks. Pick up the phone and to to your dream guy all night. Feel young again with your very pink and fun bedroom!


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