Antique Headboard: Do it yourself

Antique-HeadboardAntique Headboard Do it yourselfThe headboard is the only part of the bed that is very visible. There are many designs for a headboard. Although it’s just a flat piece, it give the overall scenic face of the whole bed. Here’s one do it yourself headboard idea. Below is a rustic headboard that looks like it came from an old barn house. It looks antique and it will truly catch people’s eyes. It is a great deviation from those mainstream modernist headboards your friends have.

You need lots of wood, planks, nails, soap and brush.

  1. Obtain some uniformly measured wood. Measure the width and height of your bed before cutting the wood.
  2. Assemble the headboard. Start off laying down the legs in a parallel manner. Nail some uniform planks on the legs. Make sure that the planks are uniform in size. Assemble the headboard such that it looks the same as the picture above. If you find using the hammer very tedious, you can always use nail guns. Just be careful in using electronic tools because they may be very deadly.
  3. Once your headboard is done, it’s time to give the rustic antique look. Wet the whole headboard. Scrub the headboard tightly. If possible, you can use some bleach to give it a more rustic vibe. Scrub the whole thing very hard. The harder the better. Rinse properly and leave to dry.
  4. Once completely dry, remove the existing headboard from your bed and replace it with the new one.

Now you can enjoy your own do it yourself elegant headboard! It’s cheap. Doing it from your own hard work is very rewarding.


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