Great Tips for Time Saver

Great Tips for Time SaverI’m going to tell you something about life. You see in life we learn things everyday. We sometimes learn a few things through out the course of one day. This is a universal truth. In life, it is also hard to unlearn something once you learn it. This is also a universal truth. The thought behind this is once you learn something it is very difficult to stop doing what you have been accustomed to doing. Basically, it is hard to break a habit once it has been formed. These are truths in life that we one way or another learn.

In the kitchen, this truth can be falsified. You see, once you learn a kitchen trick it is not really hard to stop doing it. Why? Because once you learn something better, easier and less time consuming you will be eager to continue to perfect your knew skill. So, you continue to do what ever it is you have just learned until you master it.There are practically 22 things you’re doing wrong in the kitchen.Take for example cherry tomatoes. Have you been slicing individual tomatoes? Stop, put them all on a plastic storage lid and place another one on top. Now, slice between the two lids and through the tomatoes. You won’t have to cut individual tomatoes anymore.

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When you boil eggs, boil them with baking soda. This will stop the shell from cracking into tiny pieces with the egg being attached to the shell.

Stop eating your cupcakes a they are. Split it in half and put the bottom on the top to make a cupcake sandwich. You will enjoy it a lot more.

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The peeling potatoes one blew my mind! Boil your potatoes, allow them to cool in ice water for a few seconds and then twist the skins off. Easy peasy. There are so many great time savers in life learn them all.


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