Framed Fabric Art Using Colorful Carpet

Framed Fabric Art Using Colorful CarpetYou know what a ‘swatch’ is, right? In the fabric world, it is a color sample you get from a carpet, fabric or paint store. They’re usually free or rather inexpensive if you ask for them, or sometimes you can just buy or get a free bag of small remnant bits from neighbors, friends, family or even your local fabric store if you ask. Being an artist for 31 long years, I can teach you how to create unique and lasting fabric art using just bits and nibbles from your very own fabric bag.

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How To: Bookshelving in 6 Steps

How To Bookshelving in 6 StepsFor any room in your place, this the best choice that one could ever make. If you are just looking to expand upon your current collection or adding a rather ‘smart’ air to your surroundings, lets make the most of this rather rewarding experience in just 6 easy lessons. I can show you how.

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Candelabrum de Washroom

Candelabrum de WashroomI know what you’re thinking. They can’t do it. It’s impossible. Right? But we HAVE. And we are bringing it home, just for YOU. Yes, a bathroom is a man’s sanctuary, his throne, his palace. Yes, it shouldn’t tear the tired man away from his masculinity, his cave time, or his reading hours. BUT, whomever so rudely understated that cave time was just limited to men did not quite obviously educated themselves to have a better respect and much clearer cut idea of what women would want and need. Who SAYS a washroom cannot be beautiful AND functional? Read more

The most Innovative Sink in Classic Technology

The most Innovative Sink in Classic TechnologyThis classic white sink is hand-crafted from the best quality, scratch-resistant porcelain. It’s solid frame assures that any fragile dish will make it in and out of its sinking depths with exact precision and care. It is sturdy enough for even the toughest and grimiest of cookware. The colors available in this design are comfortable and complimentary to any classic or post-modern design you might have in mind. The sleek, innovative, deep-dish bowls of each recepticle make washing and rinsing a breeze without risk of hitting a dish or hand along the silver faucet or not having enough room for even the larger and messier clean-ups after a big get-together. Read more

Palatial Two-Story Tudor All-Season Lake House

Palatial Two-Story Tudor All-Season Lake HouseEnjoy your breakfast out on the patio to the twittering of birds. This palatial estate has several rooms for living, sleeping, exercising, working, playing, entertaining and just plain relaxing in. Whether you are coming for an extended vacation or using it as a summer cottage, if this is decidedly your dream home lake house, this marsh home has all the style and charm you are looking for in a nice country setting surrounded by a quaint little bayou, without all the nasty mosquitos, alligators or pesky neighbors. Let your children grow up here and fill this grand house with new and lasting memories. It is cool and quiet here. Take your afternoon and evening meals in the garden. Read more

Post-Modern Versatile Floor Lamp

Post-Modern Versatile Floor LampBlack?Got it. Enough light for the entire room? It’s yours. Need something hip, modern but also simple enough to entertain even the fussiest of your business clientele? We have exactly what you need. This modern floor lamp adds a wonderful working accent to any room. Whether you are entertaining company or a business client, or just relaxing with a book and a warm cup of coffee or tea after a hard day at the office, this delightful, easy to assemble, smooth-lined, basic-colored lighting concept is a wonderful accent for any room in your home.   Read more

Do-It-Yourself Stone Walkways

Do-It-Yourself Stone WalkwaysAlways wanted to have an intricate walk design but couldn’t afford a landscaper? Envious of your well-to-do neighbors but just can’t break down and afford what they can? Not to worry. You can do this on your own. And it won’t take you days. It will take you, depending on how much work you wish to invest in it and time, maybe a day. Maybe just a few hours, but WOW! Building a stone walkway is just a simply WONDERFUL way to enhance the ‘country’ feel of a yard. It will also compliment a formal landscape design rather well.

This project is mostly for Do-It-Yourself, like you and I. This design ensures to keep that comfortable, laid-back appearance you strive so hard to keep. And, they’ll all think you took just DAYS to make it! Ha! Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us! Do It Yourself Stone Walkways Here’s how i just 3 simple steps: Read more

How To Artsy Stone Backsplashing

How To Artsy Stone BacksplashingWhether you are just looking to redecorate your existing kitchen, patio or dining area, just want to create a few unique & artistic accents that stand out and feel more like home, or you just wish to keep the kids and guests from scuffing up the walls under your bar counters when they sit on your stools for dinner or a glass of wine, a stone foundation is a very good start. And I can show you right here on DIY how to make your very own foundation in a few simple steps.

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How To: Mirrors – Re-Purosed!

How To Mirrors Re PurosedGeorge Bernard Shaw once said: “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” So, my question is, why can’t your speculum reflect BOTH to the world? This how-to is ALL about taking that tawdry, tired-looking old mirror you have lying around and have been either meaning to replace or toss out and resurrecting the poor thing. To re-purpose and give new life and new meaning to your old things is FRUGAL. Keep money in your pocket by re-using what you already have lying around collecting dust.

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