How to Make an English Country Garden Your Way

How to Make an English Country Garden Your WayYou too can have this lovely English Country Garden and rock it to your specifications. All it takes is a little determination and know-how. If you don’t have a green thumb, maybe your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt or neighbor can help. If not, our experienced team of decorators always have someone around who will be able to answer some of your more difficult horticultural questions.

We have the ‘horse sense’ to MAKE sense of what puzzles you. I can teach you in a few easy steps how to design this garden and make it look just like the picture, or you can add your own personal touches to it and make it unique to you. I believe, in my own personal experience, that a little meshing of both ways would be best. No one likes a copycat, and your home should reveal who YOU are, not who someone else is. This ALSO entails taking care of your garden the way YOU see fit.

How to Make an English Country Garden Your Way

Step #1: Decide where you would like to place your garden. This could very well BE the most important step. This will determine if you would like planters draping down off your windowsill, have downward and upward climbers, ivy or just have a garden off one side to the house. Maybe you want an entire sweep of the house or just in front. Maybe you want to install a moat and a drawbridge and make your place look more like a castle. Whatever is unique to you is best.

Step #2: Determine how many and what kind of plants and flowers you will require. This is a very fun step. You may very well be all day about it. I know I have. This will also allow you to see what kind of outdoor decorations there are for your flower beds and garden and allow you to pick some of those up while you are out as well.

Step #3: Exercise that green thumb and get to planting! You may need gloves, trowels (short gardeneing shovels that are used with the hand), gardening rakes, a gardner

s knee pad, soil, plants, flowers, decorations, water, sprinklers, watering can.

Have fun and Happy Decorating!


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