Luminous Loggia (The Sun Porch)

Luminous Loggia (The Sun Porch)A white room bathed in light. Four…no.FIVE windows on the one side. You place your wooden bench down, or maybe you enjoy the soft crunch of wicker. You set down your fluffy blanket, throw another one over you, and rearrange your pillows. You drape your baskets of kindling on one side, and newspapers on another. You decide it is quite cold in the room. So you start a fire. You drop your blanket to the ground, remarking how it has stayed so white so long in your careful care, and walk over barefoot on the newly painted wooden floor to your fireplace. You start the fire, and hear the soft crackle, inhaling the smoky smell.


Luminous Loggia (The Sun Porch)

You place the basket of kindling by the fire and sit down on your bench/couch again, draping the blanket back over the lower part of your body. You lean over to open one of the windows just a crack, to give you a nice little mixture of fresh air and warmth. You lean over and touch the metal matching candelabra and the white leaves, admiring this new addition to your lovely indoor sun deck with happy remembering. You open the pages of the book you were reading, and once again , get enveloped in your story. You lean to take a sip of your freshly made peach iced tea and lean over to pet your cat that has now jumped up to join you on this relaxing Sunday on your beloved veranda. Now, do you love your sun porch? Well, I am quite SURE that your kitty loves it too. You tell me…Can you just imagine it? Happy Decorating!



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