Outdoor/Indoor Beachfront Kitchen

Outdoor Indoor Beachfront KitchenYou know, I have seen a lot of kitchens in my time, and I loved this one almost instantaneously. From the stone flooring to the palm trees, to the pristine grills and cooking surfaces as silver and shiny as they come, to the brick bordering and lightly colored ceilings adding to the already luminescent outdoor lighting and providing a warm and lighter environment when artificial lighting would need to be used in case the weather outside is not that ‘delightful.’ All of the patio in this absolutely amazing kitchen down to even the brick matches one another.

It all seems to be of a lighter beige and gray mixture, which are warm & cool colors, adding to the comfort of the surroundings. The chairs and tables are sturdy, metal, and if a unique tapestry rug was placed under each table and chair, it could keep the stone surface underneath it from providing too much noise and scratching the underlying surface when they are moved.

This would be an ideal setting for a barbecue, a beach party, a graduation, a birthday or just having a romantic glass of wine with your loved one after a hard days work . Imagine, staring out at the sunset. You both have a glass of white wine in your hands. You sigh, look over at each other, back at the sunset, and you two have a moment. Then, both getting up at the same time, you walk, hand in hand, with your wine glasses, barefoot, down to your very own private beachfront. You look back at your home, at your beautiful outdoor kitchen, and revel in just how lucky you are. Now, you tell me. Who on earth wouldn’t want THAT? Happy Decorating!


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