Palatial Two-Story Tudor All-Season Lake House

Palatial Two-Story Tudor All-Season Lake HouseEnjoy your breakfast out on the patio to the twittering of birds. This palatial estate has several rooms for living, sleeping, exercising, working, playing, entertaining and just plain relaxing in. Whether you are coming for an extended vacation or using it as a summer cottage, if this is decidedly your dream home lake house, this marsh home has all the style and charm you are looking for in a nice country setting surrounded by a quaint little bayou, without all the nasty mosquitos, alligators or pesky neighbors. Let your children grow up here and fill this grand house with new and lasting memories. It is cool and quiet here. Take your afternoon and evening meals in the garden.

On a stormy and rainy night, the whole family can gather together in the living room by the fire and play board games, watch television, or just sit with a warm cup of tea and cookies, telling one another their feelings and perspectives on the day’s activities. The house consists of four bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, two showers complete with walk-in shower and clawfoot bathtub combination for your added comfort and convenience, a full kitchen and two toilets. The living room parlor is decorated beautifully. Paintings, all done by famous artists, are hung intricately & deliberately on the walls. At night, the color neon lights increase the beauty and coziness of the room. There, on Sundays, you can be found drinking tea and playing chess or just relaxing with a good book, or visiting with friends. There is also a ballroom complete with a majestic black and gold grand piano. Don’t you want this to be your dream home come true? Happy Decorating!


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