Kyle Richards Kitchen vs. Your Kitchen

Kyle Richards Kitchen vs. Your KitchenA modern, newly renovated dining and culinary parlor with an enormous divided sink. Let’s not make it TOO white, though. It would tend to get slightly boring and border on the unpractical. I CANNOT even imagine ANYONE keeping a room like this that immaculate and WHITE with small children and pets always hanging around, for example. Rugs would be a nice accent, even for a French Chateau style. Make your home full of YOUR personality.

If you are contemporary, reflect that in EVERY room of your abode, including your bathroom and kitchen. Otherwise, it just looks like you are trying to copy someone else’s unique sense of style JUST to be hip and fit in with the ‘it’ crowd. Kyle Richards Kitchen vs. Your Kitchen

 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richard’s home is absolutely STUNNING, don’t get me wrong here, however, the example that I am trying to explain here is that Kyle reflects a totally different style right down to the way she dresses herself than this home. This home and this kitchen are TOTALLY not her. Make your home your showplace, yes, but ALSO make very certain that it contains your own unique sense of style.

There is nothing wrong with being yourself. NOTHING at all. In fact, I would very much encourage it. You would be much happier and much more proud of your home if it reflects somewhat of yourself in every aspect. You should put your own personal touches on your domicile. After all, you are going to be living there for a very long time, are you not? So , enjoy the experience, draw from within and make your palace yours. You will not regret it one iota, I promise you that. Happy Decorating! icon smile Kyle Richards Kitchen vs. Your Kitchen


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