Sara Richardson (HGTV) Country Meets Modern Entryway Design

Sara Richardson (HGTV) Country Meets Modern Entryway DesignThis farm-like, country-cottage has all the old world charm one needs but also with modern twists. From the boldly painted steel (you can also utilize wood, depends on insulation & termite problems) red door, to the matching interior guest carpet in the entry way, this charming entryway can wow any potential guest.

The white stays white longer, the colors seem more vivid and richer when they stand out against each other. That is why red and white mesh very well. They compliment each other and they compliment other accents to your home including decorations, furniture, virtually any kind of wood, and can be used with about any lighting concept. I absolutely love this entryway. This could be a colorful concept for a living room or kitchen as well. I personally wouldn’t use it on a patio or den, but a kitchen, living room, entryway, yes, absolutely.

This could be your showplace room where you entertain your guests. Red seems to be a very businesslike and smart color, a very good match for black and for white. It adds a little color without adding too much. That is why the fire engine red is always preferred over a darker, lighter or pinker red, and many of the more orangy shades. It just adds class and POW to any surface. What better way to say, ‘my home ROCKS &I want you to see it!’ Than to add a little vibrant color to the more showy rooms in your humble abode? Happy Decorating!


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