How To: Bookshelving in 6 Steps

How To Bookshelving in 6 StepsFor any room in your place, this the best choice that one could ever make. If you are just looking to expand upon your current collection or adding a rather ‘smart’ air to your surroundings, lets make the most of this rather rewarding experience in just 6 easy lessons. I can show you how.

 How to: Bookshelving in 6 Steps

Step #1: The first step when adding a bookshelf to your home is all about MAXIMIZING your space without actually drawing COMPLETE attention to the bookshelf itself. Remember: you are trying to functionally ACCENT this room, not overpower it with your love of books. This could very well be the most IMPORTANT step you make when installing your bookshelf. It’s all about accurate placement, really. That takes an inherent sense of style and experience. You might want to consult a more experienced decorator at our team if you aren’t quite sure about this step.

Step #2: COLOR SCHEME Once, again, a VERY important step. You wouldn’t want to install a dark cherry-wood bookcase, if the trim in your living room, is, for example, made entirely of light oak. Unless you were INTENTIONALLY trying for the very retro, vintage, and ultra-hip ‘shabby shiek’ concept (mixing light woods with dark woods to give it an earthy balance, very fengshui). I have done this myself in my living spaces on several occasions and it ALWAYS works out quite well, however you wouldn’t want, say, a burnt orange bookshelf color clashing with a turquoise & canary yellow decorating concept, you see what I am getting at here? Style is one thing, being just gaudy on purpose…well, it’s just bad form. Once more, if you AREN’T sure, email and comment to us with your questions and concerns at any time, and our experienced decorating staff would be only to happy to assist you.

Step #3: DESIGN A LIGHTING CONCEPT Remember, once more, the WHOLE poinit of this lesson is to ACCENT your room, not put it in the spotlight like you are trying to show just how much of an intellectual you are and how much you just ADORE your book collection. Everyone appreciates a beautiful mind and a passion for hobbies and I agree that your house should also somewhat serve as your showplace in certain important business & other sorts of company, however, let’s not get carried away and go off the deep end here. There is a VERY fine line between classic lines and traditional values , and a show-off. Last but certainly not least, if you are not quite certain of this step, stop what you are doing, contact us and our team of fine-tuned experts would be only too glad to consult you in this matter.

Step #4: How many bookshelves do you essentially need? Well, this would all depend on how many books you have & what kind you have, exactly. You may have a very vintage, very priceless and very private collection that you would like to display locked and under glass, or maybe you want to keep it, well…private. This MAY require you to install several more intricate and very different bookshelves in various rooms in your home. I would strongly encourage you to refer back to steps #1, #2, & #3 and contact our decoration consulting team for more assistance.

Step #5: ALPHEBETIZE & ORGANIZE This is all up to you and how picky you are about your books and what you wish for your collection to look like. Alphebetizing and size coordinating your bookshelves can be a very tedious and time-consuming experience. However, if you are meticulous like I am, it can also be a time saver, really. If you are actually interested in this step, you should alphebetize by author’s last name first, then the book title according to genre. Then you should shelve your books according to size, from smallest to largest, or vice versa. That assures that you can see all of your books and that they won’t be hidden by a much larger book. You may also wanna take extra time to organize your entire collection by soft cover, then by hard cover. This sometimes makes it easier for smaller books to be found. It all really depends on how intricate and detailed you wish your collection to be.

Step #6: Sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a good warm cup of tea and a great book from your fine collection in your very own new bookshelf. And congratulations again on a job well done! Happy Decorating!


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