Home Improvement and Self Interior Decorating

Home Improvement and Self Interior DecoratingMaybe you just have a few trinkets, baubles, knickknacks, jems and gewgaws you want to put on display. Maybe a loving family member of yours just passed on into the next life and you wish to pay them homage and show your respects. Maybe you miss your father, grandmother or just want to display your most treasured antiquities. Maybe you have a collection of dolls, ornaments, glass figurines, Hummels, Precious Moments, stuffed animals, books or any other interesting things that you might have done or picked up during your life time and want to put on display in your home.

Home Improvement and Self Interior Decorating

 Whatever the reason, this step in home improvement and self interior decorating is always a very fun and a very personal one. It doesn’t particularly have to be a specific color scheme either, this step is all about personalization, much in the same way your bookshelves are when you decide where to place your books inside of them in one of our preceeding how-to’ blogs. I do, however, reccomend placing anything valuable in a container, a basket or something that will just allow it to be seen, or have it be see-thru, but not allow it to spill. For example, if you have a precious collection of christmas ornaments from your childhood, they would tend to be old and particularly fragile, so I would be very careful to put these in a container that is possibly see-thru and will preserve the antiquity and personal value of the item. Whatever you decide and wherever you decide to put it, this step is all about YOU. Happy Decorating!


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