Framed Fabric Art Using Colorful Carpet

Framed Fabric Art Using Colorful CarpetYou know what a ‘swatch’ is, right? In the fabric world, it is a color sample you get from a carpet, fabric or paint store. They’re usually free or rather inexpensive if you ask for them, or sometimes you can just buy or get a free bag of small remnant bits from neighbors, friends, family or even your local fabric store if you ask. Being an artist for 31 long years, I can teach you how to create unique and lasting fabric art using just bits and nibbles from your very own fabric bag.

Framed Fabric Art Using Colorful Carpet & Fabric Swatches Samples

Step #1: The first thing that you should do is to decide on what KIND of art you wish to make. This is the most important step! This decision will determine your design, color scheme, frame & where you place your new unique piece of self-made art in your home or office at a later date.

Step #2: What sort of design do you want? This will determine where you place the piece of art in a room of your home or office , what and how many swatches you need, what kind of frame you are going to require, what size both need to be and so on. This is also a very important step.

Step #3: Pick out a frame. It could be oval, rectangular, a unique shape, whatever you desire. Remember, it has to fit the piece of art and vice versa. It also has to fit with your room somehow. You may want to choose a unique design and make a piece of art around and within it. This is all a matter of personal choice really. How you artistically define yourself is all up to you.

Step #4: Decide where to place your finished piece.

Step #5: Rinse, Lather, repeat. Try out different designs and colors and frames. Don’t be afraid to stretch to the edges of your imagination and your creativity. You never know what you can accomplish unless you try. Hey, your new ‘hobby’ MAY just catch on and you could start a framed fabric art club or something.

Step #6: Stand back, enjoy & bravely share your new creations. You did it! Happy Decorating!


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