Versatile, Multi-Functional Grand Fireplace w/Proper Sitting Areas

Versatile Multi-Functional Grand Fireplace w Proper Sitting AreasThis fireplace is SO grand it should be utilized anywhere. I have seen some of just this sort of brick. I could find places in sporting goods stores, sporting centers, lodges, hotels, Restaurants, Meeting Rooms, Gathering Places, Offices, Restaurants and Homes, Dens, Entry Ways, Kitchens even Patios and Libraries that could very well utilize this kind of fireplace.

There is enough room for you and your family to sit around the fire after a long day at the Ski Resort/Lodge or after a long day sledding out on Peak Hill. Warm up with a cup of warm cider and cocoa, grab a few doughnuts and relive the memory your son had once of almost falling off the ski lift because he bounced too hard and he wasn’t supposed to. Have a laugh about it and read your grand children a story after dinner time in order to get them more relaxed for bed. Curl up with a loved one or just a date. Have a few drinks and enjoy yourself. That is what this fireplace is all about. Making memories, reliving them and keeping them close to ones heart.As close as the warmth of this fire should be to your cold and aching bones.

Have a few laughs with the old chums and talk about your old football stories. Entertain your business guests and make them feel at home. Regaile your family with your best jokes at your 5th Annual Family reunion. Bring along your pets and let them sit and warm themselves by the fire while you read a book and cuddle up with a nice hot cup of coffee and a few snickerdoodles. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Happy Decorating! icon smile Versatile, Multi Functional Grand Fireplace w/Proper Sitting Areas


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