Unique Country-Style Barn Tin Rain Bath

Unique Country-Style Barn Tin Rain BathJust imagine. The gentle sound of the rain cascading down the sides of the shower and onto you as you bathe.The whisper of the showerhead cleansing and soothing you into another world. Where else could you get the feel of an outdoor nature shower or country setting indoors? Maybe you want a different style than in the rest of your house. Maybe you are looking to actually PLACE a shower inside of your barn, den or garage. Maybe you just want to hear the gentle, soothing pitter patter of rain dancing close to home. Whatever your reason, this unique rain bath has all the charm, simplicity and utility that you require.

Three towel racks are installed specifically for your convenience, in case you are into those group showers, or mommy doesn’t have time to take her own individual shower time when she is busy getting the kids around. There is also a very country charmer wooden bench installed inside for easy use & can be moved into any part of the shower or out of it if you so desire, and a non-slip, stain-resistant wood-colored floor to add charm and functionality to your new experience. Five clear slats are intricately placed above the shower stall to allow fresh air in and steam out, or just to add a very dim lighting concept to the whole works. Yes, if you even pump your own water from a well and don’t have to worry about electric or water bills, this shower can serve better than a musical cd to soothe you and the little ones to sleep. This shower is a dream. Get yours today or install your very own before you miss out on this growing trend! Happy Decorating!


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  • March 19, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    A local metal shop in your area should be able to provide it if yo show them the picture.


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