Candelabrum de Washroom

Candelabrum de WashroomI know what you’re thinking. They can’t do it. It’s impossible. Right? But we HAVE. And we are bringing it home, just for YOU. Yes, a bathroom is a man’s sanctuary, his throne, his palace. Yes, it shouldn’t tear the tired man away from his masculinity, his cave time, or his reading hours. BUT, whomever so rudely understated that cave time was just limited to men did not quite obviously educated themselves to have a better respect and much clearer cut idea of what women would want and need. Who SAYS a washroom cannot be beautiful AND functional?

I believe that SOMETIMES rules and traditions were made to be broken, dear friends. That would certainly seem to be the case now. What better way to entertain your friends and guests and show them that you really care about, love and cherish your happy domicile than by placing a beautiful chandelier in your bathroom? I have never seen it done. But it CAN be done. I like to break traditions myself. It shows how unique you can be. It shows how stylish you are. It shows you have class, and money and that your bathroom is just as treasured as every other room in your house. Don’t you want to be proud of your house just as you are of your career, your car, your family, your children, your spouse and the rest of your palace? Doesn’t that pride also include an innovatively happy bathroom? Make sure you decorate your bathroom with style.  Happy Decorating!


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