Do-It-Yourself Stone Walkways

Do-It-Yourself Stone WalkwaysAlways wanted to have an intricate walk design but couldn’t afford a landscaper? Envious of your well-to-do neighbors but just can’t break down and afford what they can? Not to worry. You can do this on your own. And it won’t take you days. It will take you, depending on how much work you wish to invest in it and time, maybe a day. Maybe just a few hours, but WOW! Building a stone walkway is just a simply WONDERFUL way to enhance the ‘country’ feel of a yard. It will also compliment a formal landscape design rather well.

This project is mostly for Do-It-Yourself, like you and I. This design ensures to keep that comfortable, laid-back appearance you strive so hard to keep. And, they’ll all think you took just DAYS to make it! Ha! Don’t worry, your secret will be safe with us! Do It Yourself Stone Walkways Here’s how i just 3 simple steps:

Do It Yourself Stone Walkways


-Stone Walkpath Mold Maker @ $16 at Lowes (20″ in. x 24″ in. x 2″ in.)

-1 Bag Quickcrete – @ $5 (60 pounds. lbs.)

-Any Color Choice


Step #1: Pour quick set-concrete onto the mold onto any flat surface

Step #2: Smooth with a trowel.

Step #3: Wait one minute, lift mold, and move on. Rinse, lather , repeat till completely finished with your walkway. Toss any remaining materials and take a nice hot shower. This is a rather messy project. But it’s fun!

Enjoy your One-of-a-kind walkway! Congratulations on a job well done! You are finished!

Happy Decorating!


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