Style with Cents : How to Decorate/Redecorate for Pennies

Style with Cents How to Decorate, Redecorate for PenniesGrowing up in a very poor house where my father worked two jobs to keep the family off of welfare, I know the prediciment of penny-pinching all too well. Going to yard sales, flea markets, goodwill, salvation army, thrift stores, craft shows, saving money, stretching a dollar, these all have become so commonplace to someone like me, that it has developed into somewhat of a secret obsession of mine.

I now look forward to going bargain hunting. It is all about the thrill of never knowing what one will find. About being able to take something that looked gaudy and making it beautiful again or something that didn’t seem to have much use before, and enlightening it back into existence. You too can stretch your dollars and be saving more than you thought you could and yes, still design a beautiful home. I can and will show you how. I learned it the hard way. I am going to show you the easy way.

 Style with Cents : How to Decorate/Redecorate for Pennies

 Step #1: Work with what you already have. As I stated in previous blogs, its all about maximizing your creativity, potential and space. It is all about making the most out of a potentially bad situation. Make the most of what you have. Sort through that attic or garage. You have been meaning to spring clean anyways right? Get to it. You never know what you can do once you set your mind to it.

 Step #2: Be creative and enjoy this experience. I have perfected the fine art of mismatching furniture, of making or re-making my own clothing, of marching to my own drummer. And you know what? It works. It is all about individualism. I strongly encourage you to be the very best you that you can be. If you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to contact our team of experts on this matter, but this is really about you. Don’t spend too much money. I would spend more time. Get to know you and get to know what you want, need and what you can’t afford. The only stretch I would encourage of you is to be master of your creativity.

 And, be mindful as always, to Happy Decorating!


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