How To: Making Rather Inexpensive Colorful Art with whatever you have lying around

How To Making Rather Inexpensive Colorful Art with whatever you have lying aroundAlways wanted to add a fine piece of art to a few rooms in your house but didn’t really consider yourself much of an artist, or just didn’t have the time to design, draw or paint anything new? Wish to add inexpensive and powerful accents to any room in a few easy steps? I will show you how. With a little ingenuity and a splash of creativity you can brighten just about ANY dull wall with just a few pauldry materials from your local dollar store or something.

How To:  Making Rather Inexpensive Colorful Art with whatever you have lying around

Step #1: Decide first where to place your art – This should be your very first step and also the most important. This will determine what design you are going to choose/make and how big of a frame you will make or buy depending on how much room you have to work with in a few moments. A VITALLY important step.

 Step #2: What are you looking for in an art piece? This is ALSO a very important step. This will decide whether you need to just buy a $1 shower curtain, a curtain liner and just lightly Spackle with some colored paint, craft paint, markers, glued-on designs, or spray paint of your choosing. This will also decide if you want to buy or make a frame and install a bit of creativity and personalization to your project. If you HAVE a little bit of time, a $1 shower curtain could be very fun for you. If you are pressed for time, however, and just want to put something up that has both the WOW factor and is still creative and artsy, a $5-$25 artistic shower curtain could be a sound investment that won’t instantly break your piggy bank. This step is all up to you.

 Step #3: Decide on a frame. Once again, if you have a bit of time, you might want to paint and make one yourself. Wood frame pieces are relatively inexpensive, easy to glue, nail or staple together, and fun to paint and accent with your own personal touches. Now that you have your ‘masterpiece’ in front of you, it is time to frame this baby for all to see. You MIGHT just want to wrap it around an already pre-made canvas and hot glue or staple the excess (being careful to trim as much as possible to avoid any gaping in the back, the lines should be smooth with the wall all the way around, the only prominence should be on the sides and in front), to make it look painted on, or as I stated earlier, make your own frame. You might find a glitzy one you have just been dying to put something in and have been holding on to for a while for just such an occasion. Once more, this step is also yours to make. So make it fun.

 Step #4: Hang your new creation and congratulations on your new piece de resistance’!

 As always, Happy Decorating!


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