How to Making Your Garden/Outdoor Entryway Unique to You

How to Making Your Garden Outdoor Entryway Unique to YouTired of seeing everyone else’s walkway and garden looking beautiful but don’t have one of your own? Trying to keep up with the Joneses’ but don’t quite have their expense account to hire a gardener, landscaper, or install your own horticultural fantasy? You too can have a shining outdoor walkway or garden path that looks unique, antique, looks like your own personal railway & produces a wonderful & stunning conversation piece for even the most fussy and discretionary guests.

How to Making Your Garden/Outdoor Entryway Unique to You


-Railway Timbers (2×4 works just fine)

-Paint (If you wish to paint them, personal choice)

-Work Gloves

-Pea Gravel (Enough to cover the entire area you wish to decorate)

-Wheelbarrow (for pea gravel)

-Shovel (for pea gravel)

-Rake (for pea gravel to smooth out afterwards)

Step #1: Decide where you want your pea gravel & railroad decoration to go. As stated in previous How-To’s, this is ALL about YOUR showplace and how you wish to design it. It’s ALL about personal expression, really.

Step #2: Unload your gravel and smooth it out with your shovel & rake.

Step #3: Install your railway timbers intricately where you desire to place them inside your pea gravel trail.

Step #4: Store any remaining materials. You NEVER know if you may need to refinish part of your pathway later on, or utilize your material creatively somewhere else. Try to be as COST effective as you can when you are doing home improvements. This is all about self-expression, however we are also trying to show you how to make expensive looking designs on the cheap, not break your bank.

Step #5: Enjoy your new self-made design!

Happy Decorating!


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