How To Artsy Stone Backsplashing

How To Artsy Stone BacksplashingWhether you are just looking to redecorate your existing kitchen, patio or dining area, just want to create a few unique & artistic accents that stand out and feel more like home, or you just wish to keep the kids and guests from scuffing up the walls under your bar counters when they sit on your stools for dinner or a glass of wine, a stone foundation is a very good start. And I can show you right here on DIY how to make your very own foundation in a few simple steps.

How To Artsy Stone Backsplashing

Step #1: Decide where you wish to place the stone. This could be a very easy step or a very difficult one to make. Whatever you decide, do what is best for you and to safeguard your walls and furniture. I would highly recommend completing THIS step, however, before getting started on your shopping list, or before just tossing out the old slabs and rocks and just going willynilly all over the place. The

 Step #2: SHOPPING LIST – You will need:

 -Builder’s Felt

-Staple Gun


-A Carpenter’s Knife/Utility Knife


-Tape Measure

-Metal Lath (a type of wire mesh)

-Metal Shears

-a handful of 5/8 inch galvanized roofing nails

-a good hammer

-stone or masonry veneer mortar

-3/8 inch square knotted trowel

-irregular stones

-spray bottle



-wood craft stick (one from the paint department thats rounded at the edges will work too but this needs to be utilized later to smooth the mortar joints without dislodging them so be very careful upon choosing)

Step #3: Unroll builder’s felt & turn sideways from left to right.

 Step #4: Align felt with the underside of the cabinet and staple the top edge to the wall. Smooth the felt all the way down the wall and staple the bottom edge with 1/2 inch staples.

 Step #5: Trim off the excess felt with your utility knife.

 Step #6: measure the height and the length of the backsplash where the felt is stapled.

 Step #7: Unroll the metal lath (wire mesh) and cut the lath with metal shears, matching the measurements of the backsplash area.

 Step #8: Place the lath against the wall over the builder’s felt and fasten with galvanized roofing nails.

 Step #9: Mix your mortar and spread over the lath with the trowel. Wait a 1/2 hour to let the mortar dry then drag the long, notched end of the trowel through the mortar to create grooves in the material. These will retain their shape later and allow you to place your stones in a pattern where you desire it to be.

 Step #10: Let the mortar sit about 24 hours overnight. The next step after that is to mix a new batch of mortar and spread it 1/2 inch thick on your backsplash area. You can now be creative and press the stones anywhere you like. The point is here to compliment your decor, which these stones will do to almost any decor, famously. They should look interesting, especially if you have a very ‘rustic’ home. They also contrast beautifully with a sleek, modern kitchen. Just make sure to save enough room between stones for mortar to hinge the stones to one another.

 Step #11: Drag your wood craft stick after misting the area with a spray bottle full of water to smooth out your stones and mortar and let sit about ten minutes. I would honestly wait another 24 hours before testing out your new bar. Now. You are done! Enjoy your creation.

 And, as always, Happy Decorating!


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