How to Painting Cabinets Made Simple


 Look here, alright? If you can’t even paint a WALL, you can still paint your kitchen cabinets. It’s really NOT that hard. Seriously. Even I can do that, and I am experienced at home improvement and interior decorating/design. Some of us were just blessed with the know-how, some of us weren’t. And that’s alright. So don’t beat yourself up over it, okay? There are just some rules that work better than others and if you can follow along with my very simple steps outlined below, even YOU couldn’t screw THIS one up. So relax, have yourself a cold cup of lemonade and a piece of humble pie, and let’s get ourselves started here, shall we?

How to Painting Cabinets Made Simple


-Paint Swatches

-Flathead & Phillips Screwdrivers

-Hardware (Hinges, Screws, etc.)

-Tape Measure


-Hot Water





-Ziplock Bags (For Hardware you are Removing)

-Wood Filler

-Electric Sander

-Sand Paper

-$6 Lead Test Kit (It NEVER hurts to be careful)

-Oil Based Primer

-Roller (Preferrably Wood or Polyester for this part)

-Latex Paint in a Semi-Gloss Finish

-Mini Foam Roller

-Angle Tipped Brush

-Lots & Lots of Patience!!! (This is probably the most important, the most trying step, so best of luck to you!!!)

Step #1: What do you want?

 Step #2: What do you need? (Might be the time to go shopping now)

 Step #3: Take it off, baby (The hinges & screws of the door and the frame, I mean, if necessary, and put them all into ziplock bags, possibly separating hinges from screws so you can find them all later. Nothing like being one door short of a missing screw. It really sucks and can mess up your mood big time, trust me.)

 Step #4: Fill ‘erup : ( This is where you would use your wood filler to fill in any gaps. Make sure you try to as close as possible match the tone of the filler with the tone in your paint or in your current cabinets…couldn’t hurt!)

 Step #5: Get Sandy: (I know you love the movie Grease, but, come on, man… let’s get back to work, shall we? You can watch it after you’re done here. An electric sander works best in these cases but you might want to buy extra sand paper just in case you wanna get more detailed around edges and hard-to-reach corners. No time to get creative. Just make it as smooth a surface as possible, alright?)

 Step #6:It’s Prime Time! (And I don’t mean football or the nightly news with Tom Brokaw either. Due to all that grease after your nights of barbequing indoors and making that pasta primavera and lasagna with garlic bread you love to entertain the neighbors with so much, and I know how much you love cooking, I am quite sure your kitchen is getting a bit on the nasty side. Even with the good scrub down you gave it earlier, without the primer your kitchen cabinets are just begging to get dirty again. So, let’s get to work and coat that baby down good. You can cook again later, I promise!)

 Step #7: Get Your Paint On! (Can you picture it, sports fans? You are in the home stretch now, congratulations? But before you take that nosedive and miss home plate, remember you still have some painting to do. This was exactly why this How-To was created, remember? Just two, I repeat two coats of that Semi-gloss finish latex paint you just purchased because you know it has that easy wipe ability that keeps the dirty kids grubby meathooks, the cats paws and the icky sticky grease off your pretty spiffy new cabinets. You just did all that all by your self, man. Do you honestly wanna flub it up now?)

 Step #8: Wait for it & Hang In There: (As the great singer/composer/showman Sir Tom Petty once said in a song ‘Waiting is the hardest part’. Nothing could be closer to the truth. I said in the shopping list this step was gonna take patience, and I meant it. Know what you are getting into before you set yourself on a project. Sometimes watching the paint dry can be the most boring job in the world, but rewarding when you think of what a great job well done it was that you just did. Rehang your doors when finally the coast is clear and you areeeeeeee out of here! Good Job once Again!

Happy Decorating!


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