How To: Easy & Quick Shelving Decorations

How To Easy & Quick Shelving DecorationsYou should know by now if you have been following this site’s blogs closely, it isn’t really NECESSARY to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars to decorate or re-decorate your home. Making things yourself allows you the freedom to creatively customize your palace to your exact specifications. It makes you an artist of sorts, even. And, its pretty fun and way cool, too. Next time that fussy new business client comes over and exclaims: “Wow, Bob! FABULOUS piece of craftsmanship you have there. Who’s the artist?” You can proudly grin like a Cheshire cat and sincerely & most confidently exclaim: “Me.” icon smile How To: Easy & Quick Shelving Decorations

 How To: Easy & Quick Shelving Decorations

 Step #1: What shelf size do you need? Depends really on how much room you have to work with. I would strongly suggest taking measurements at this step if necessary. Never hurts to err on the side of caution sometimes.

 Step #2: Ask yourself: Do I build it myself or do I buy one pre-made? Depends. Do you want that sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from doing something all by your happy lonesome, or do you want to show off just how much money you make?

 Step #3: To paint, or NOT to paint? That is the question. So, what is going to be your answer my new artiste?

 Step #4: Decorate, you fool! UP, up, and awaaaaaaaaaay! Have fun. Be silly. Be creative. Let your inner child play. You will be surprised at the results. I always am.

Stand back and enjoy your new piece of artwork! And, as always, your friends at DIY say: Happy Decorating


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