Make YOUR Home

Make YOUR HomeStill have that set of elk antlers gathering dust out in the garage? Have virtually NO idea where to put Aunt May’s antique serving tray even though she has been long gone for 10 years? Just don’t know what to do with those odds and ends you have collected over the years and now have no room for? Lately, we have been discussing how to add personal touches to your home improvement projects. Remember, this is about self-improvement too. Sometimes, another way to make one feel better about one’s self is by doing something themselves, and standing back proudly as the praises from their hard-working accomplishments unfold before them. What better way to do that than to personalize your home. It is yours after all.

 Make YOUR Home

 You are making the mortgage payments, you are working for this, this is what you decided was your dream home and worth splurging your entire nest egg or retirement fund on. So, in the meantime while you are paying off this hunk of wood and concrete, why not make it less of a monstrocity and more of a piece de magnifique? Take Uncle Bill’s antlers out to the parlor and next time, give your weekly tea party and book club meeting something interesting to gab about. Take Aunt May’s serving tray out there with it and add some luster to those faded cream, sugar & scone dishes you just cannot seem to replace. Brighten up the room with a splash of turquoise paint and a few intricately pale pink faux flower arrangements while you are at it. And…as, always…Happy Decorating!


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