Unique Ideas : The Lodge-Style Kitchen & Home in 10 Elements

Unique Ideas The Lodge-Style Kitchen & Home in 10 ElementsThis stunning design seems to be both a combination of flavor and style. Soaring ceilings, log walls, and woodsy views are just the start of creating a lodge that has just the right balance of rustic and modern. Think of the lodge as the Jurassic Park version of a cabin. Large, timber trusses with full, long walls and beams take center stage, while industrial metals play a structural cord and an aesthetic role. The scale is massive and the views absolutely SPECTACULAR. Once the bones of these beautiful homes are in place, the furnishings will define smaller areas and bring the essential ‘coziness’ to the lodge.

Unique Ideas : The Lodge Style Kitchen & Home in 10 Elements

 Element #1: Defined Zones The entrance to a lodge typically brings you directly into the main part of the home. Lodge common areas generally flow into one another. You can more strongly emphasize these spaces with more urban and vibrantly accentuating colors, such as bright green cabinetry in your kitchen and red dining chairs.

 Element #2: Soaring Celings: This is generally the main living room of a lodge. The fireplace and pillars will follow suit. Modern Intricate rugs and correct furniture placement will help to create much smaller living areas within a larger room, lighting fixtures can often get lost in the grandness. My advice in this situation: Bigger is better. ALWAYS go big in a lodge.

 Element #3 : Drama Use completely different looks for every room, such as a red barnwood backdrop for your bedroom to give it dimension. Add something refined, but don’t make it too dainty. Make SURE in THIS step to always follow the exact SCALE of the room.

 Element #4: Anchored Spaces Rugged materials should be the generaql theme here, with accentuating features and appliances also kept to scale as in the predecessing element explained.

 Element #5: An Organic Look IE: Make the room feel MAGICAL. A VERY HELPFUL HINT: TRY your best to keep log accents as true to their original form as possible. THINK: Alice in Wonderland.

 Element #6: Contemporary Touches Take full advantage of just HOW much room you have to work with here. An antique clawfoot tub with a modern amount of plumbing and a rustic wood towel holder basket, for instance.

 Element #7: Intentional Decor Splurge on antiquities such as copper, wood accents, and once again, try to maintain as much of the natural surroundings and wood as possible. The trick here is to preserve the internal and intentional rusticity of your lodge. It should get top billing here.

 Element #8: Soft Spaces Time to settle in and absorb this amazing view. Add a few layered rugs, an oversized suede leather couch, a few window seats, some ferns & bright flowers in this step.

 Element #9: Furniture with Soul Remember how I stated a few steps earlier to make sure to stay as CLOSE to the natural decor and wood as possible? Weathered and tailored , upholstered pieces work best here to complimentarily contrast one another. It adds a hint of sophistication & mystery, too. And, last but not least…

 Element #10: Furniture Made Custom Try to incorporate some of the elements used to make and saw this wood into your pieces. Say, some nails, a saw, a copper hammer, made by a craftsman who knows how to incorporate these pieces, maybe you have a friend who does this well. You never know. These will add conversation starters and uniqueness to your lodge, making it a part of the overall experience.

 A Message from Us: Happy Decorating!


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