Style with Cents (Part 2)

Style with Cents (Part 2)Last time we talked about ‘Style with/for Cents’, I was heavily on encouraging individualism and creativity. This time, I want you to just relax, let your ‘inner hipster’ do his or her thing, and break out of your comfort zone just a smidgen more. Since materials from a store especially like the dollar or local thrift store are super affordable, you can usually get them in a multitude of shapes, colors or size variations. Recycle what you have, and uncycle your stress. Really. I want you to REALLY cast off those cares and let your creative muse and inner child fly. ENJOY yourself this go, okay?

Style with Cents (Part 2)

 Step #1: Who doesn’t love a good bargain? You can find them almost everywhere. You just need to know WHERE to look and be open to the experience. It CAN be a little intimidating at first, but then, look on the bright side. Consider just HOW many options you have available to you and how much money you are going to save in the long run. That alone should be enough to make you want to go garage sailing today! icon smile Style with Cents (Part 2)

 Step #2: Decide what is ultimately better – trendy or cheap? ‘Shabby Shiek’ (the art of mismatching furniture, very fengshui) is trendy. It’s hip. However some things are cheaply made. Beware. A discount from $2000 to $1500 is not really a bargain. Make sure you find something affordable, but of good quality and possibly multi-functional use.

 Step #3: Find your own unique style. Remember: You cannot BUY good taste. True Fashionistas are BORN, not made. So, bearing that in mind, work with what you have and like best, and bugger off anyone else. Who cares what they think anyways? It’s your place, not theirs. You ultimately have to live with the decisions you make, fashionista or not.

 Happy Decorating!


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