Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue : What a Hue!

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue What a HueSaid to be THE most beautiful color as it changes with the angle of light all day long, Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue is peaceful, flattering, and a good color for a foyer, baby’s room, patio, kitchen, sun room, parlor, anywhere the light catches. It could EVEN brighten up and add color to a library or study. It is ALSO a possible color for a laundry or utility room. Could you imagine JUST how much fun washing and folding clothes could be?

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue : What a Hue!

The kids are remarking: “Where is mum? I haven’t seen her for six hours. She was off doing laundry and never returned. It should have been done by now. Oh. I remember its the Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue effect, isn’t it?” Then they would understand mum went off to escape the hustle and bustle and stress that sometimes undertakes parenthood and took a break and sat down with a book and forgot to hear the dryer going off, or notice when the clothing wash cycle was done.

OH well. I mean wouldn’t YOU want to gawk at this wall in all its magnitude all day? I would love it personally. It’s greyed down, not pastel, more of a robin’s egg color. And that is my favorite candy at easter. Robin’s egg. In my home, I want happy memories. Memories that take me back to my childhood. Where I smiled, I was innocent, playful, laughing, happy. A peaceful, warm color.A perfect grey-aqua.Its a beautiful color for my dream art studio. Its a perfect compliment to a bright white kitchen, a perfect compliment to anything, really. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.Reminds me of the bay.Driving up the coast.Sand beneath your toes. The smell .The sounds.sounds. Ahh Why would you NOT want THIS in your home?


Happy Decorating!


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