Style for Cents (Part 3)

Style for Cents (Part 3)“Style is nothing without substance. Luxury is hollow without a welcome. Location is meaningless without comfort.” – Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel Official Description ;Gorey, Ireland – County Wexford

Style for Cents (Part 3)

 Step #1: Revisit what you already own Once again, refurbishing those already existing pieces will save you tons and tons of money on decorating, darling.

 Step #2: Sandpaper, Primer & Paint – Oh, My! You would be VASTLY surprised how much a little effort can go a very LONG way & BEAUTIFULLY transform an old relic.

 Step #3: Shop Online Check the classifieds and craigslist. Not only for great deals, but yard and estate sales. Estate sales are just HUGE garage sales for the deceased, honey. Don’t let that deter you or frighten you from finding a great bargain. I certainly haven’t. Look, if you’re THAT nervous, take a friend along. That way you can always get a second opinion. Couldn’t hurt, right?

 Step 4: Learn to Sew or do some crafty thing like Knitting or Basketweaving or Crotcheting or Latchhooking or some skill you don’t already have. Most places like a Michaels or Hobby Lobby that specialize in craft supplies and home decor offer rather inexpensive or free classes throughought the year. It will save you a heck of a lot of money in the long run, it can be LOADS of fun, plus, you can learn a new skill and/or craft that you can utilize later, pass on to your children and others and meet a LOT of interesting people that could just possibly end up as lifelong friends . (Read ANY of the ‘Blossom Street’ series by Debbie Macomber or ‘The Friday Night Knitting Club’ series by Kate Jacobs for a more in-depth view into my favorite obsession.)

Darlings, Happy Decorating!


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