The Little Prince: From Closet To Playhouse – Functionally Fun!

The Little Prince From Closet To Playhouse – Functionally Fun!Hey. It worked for Harry Potter. You aren’t using it anyways. That spare closet under the stairs or the garden shed needs to be cleared out and spring cleaned. Being both a parent & childcare provider for a number of decades, I simply ADORE this idea. No manpower. Use a Phillips or flatchead to pop off the door. Or you might just wanna saw the thing in half for an easy close & lock door for when the boys are playing ‘the boys only club, girls keep out you have cooties! ewwwwwwww! this means you!” or you can build & paint the shutters yourself, add your own custom door, and hey, while you’re at it, have your little prince come help you with the job.

The Little Prince: From Closet To Playhouse   Functionally Fun!


It’ll give him a project to do to keep him busy and he will enjoy having built his own indoor ‘fort’ himself a bit. Shutters work best with 2×4 planks , a few splashes of paint with a brush , a few nails and a hammer, or a nail gun. Tarnation! Make it look like a real house. Add a little lantern on the side by the NEW door. A little mailbox with an address on the side of it. You know, open it up. Knock out the wall beside the stairway if its by one to make it feel more bright and airy. Push the envelope a little . Give the little prince something to play in. A room to call his very own. A room Voldemort himself would be jealous of. You can’t HELP but be inspired. It’s just PERFECT for your little toddler to play in, read in, and for conspiring with friends. Fill it with all his current obsessions: buzz light year, robots, wands, magic spell books..okay ,i am getting carried away with myself here but you get the idea. Don’t you?


Happy Decorating!


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