How To: Decor – a Room in Different Color

How To Decor – a Room in Different ColorSo, your style has changed a tad, okay ALOT in the past 10 years and that chintx carpet just DOESN’T even cut the mustard anymore. So what? You don’t HAVE to fear or tear apart the entire den and remodel it just to make the room look fresh, new and livable. That is where color accents come in.

How To: Decor a Room in Different Color

Difficulty: Easy Peasy. (My favorite saying of all.So positive.So fresh.So new.So true. ) icon smile How To: Decor   a Room in Different Color

Step #1: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. So, you have absolutely no extra money to just tear up that old rug. Well? Find a color spot in it you haven’t utilized yet, then. Like…say powder blue or rust orange. Paint the adjacent wall with a bar of this color then utilize the color scomewhere else around the room. Sooner or later its going to appear deliberate, as if that color belonged there all along and make your room look fresh and hip. You feel me so far?

Step #2: Snug as a Rug. Even up the place. Try your bust to color coordinate, or this could be your accent piece that stands out to contrast the walls and furniture.

Step #3: Accentuate the Positive. Use accent pillows in different colors, textures, shapes and sizes. This could be your fun part, so , make it so!

Step #4: Widen them views! You want to make your windows appear wider to add color impact, so pull up the blinds or lose them. Add some drapes and pull them back with some velvet and satin cords.

 Happy Decorating!


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