Stone Pathways/Walkways Mold (Part 2)

build-walkway-with-mold-heroMaking concrete molds fore either paving stones or decorative stones to create a walkway for your garden or yard is a simple process that can save you a TREMENDOUS amount of time and money. Having a walkway can add another dimension to your garden by keeping wandering feet from crushing plants and also making it much easier to navigate through said garden.

Stone Pathways/Walkways Mold (Part 2)

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


-Latex or Silicone Rubber Mold


-Rock or Paving Stone

-Cement Mix



-Gauze or Cheesecloth


-Time & Patience

Step #1: Cover the paving stone or rock you desire to make a mold cast of with 6-8 coats of the mold. Allow the latex to dry fully between coats. Apply a layer of cauze cheesecloth to strengthen your structure before you add a final coat of mold.

Step #2: Let the mold set for 24 hours. Afterwards, carefully separate the mold from your original stone.

Step #3: Place the mold in your bucket or bucket of sand. This will prevent the mold from breaking & separating completely when you utlilize your prepared concrete mix.

Step #4: Mix concrete. Follow the directions on the bag ONLY. Allow to dry 24-48 hours (1-2 days) roughly.

Step #5: Repeat stone process until you have as many as you require for the job. Place your concrete stones in a tiled pattern to create a smooth walkway. Make certain to leave 8 in. – 10 in. between stones for a more open walkway.

Step #6: Use colored dye before you pour and set mold for a more colorful garden walk.

Fun, huh?

Happy Decorating!


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