My Dream Home: The Little Princess Storybook Bed Nook

My Dream Home The Little Princess Storybook Bed NookThere once was a little princess, she had a little nook. Her little nook looked like a book. Inside that nook book there was a book. her door led to a closet where her brother would play. Or she could hide from him all night and all of the day.

The door led to a closet which held a ladder so if the small brother was a bother, he couldn’t come after. The ladder lead to a reading space where the little princess could look above the bed that was her nook, and read from her little book. So, the little princess in the nook took her book up to look over the nook which would shape like a book?

The moral of this tale, you might snicker and snook? Always be a little princess with a nook shaped like a book , and a look with a book. icon smile My Dream Home: The Little Princess Storybook Bed Nook

My Dream Home: The Little Princess Storybook Bed Nook

All joking aside? The photos don’t EVEN do this room proper justice. The lines are flawless and luxurious. I am BEYOND smitten. I am BEYOND jelly. If I had one of these (I am just DYING for a house with an attic and/or one of those indoor or outdoor nook/look chaise lounge thingies bit in to sit and read or sleep in.)

I would probably drape the nook and the look in antique curtains, such as blue & white Damask drapes, a canopy of long rust and wine colors, or something to that effect. Yes, this is the princess coming out in all of us. The little princess in me, in every grown woman.The one that SHOULD come out once we have the pride of owning our very own home and remodeling it. After all, isn’t that what dreams are for?

Happy Decorating!


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