More Brilliant Ideas of Old Tubs into Planters

More Brilliant Ideas of Old Tubs into PlantersThere is absolutely NOTHING I love more than to find a new use for something that I have had hanging around for a while. Nothing pleases me more than to know that not only do I not have to waste or throw out something, but that I can make good use of it and accentuate & beautify my home once again with something that doesn’t require me to hire someone or to break my piggybank. I love old tubs, especially clawfoot tubs. I even remember the basins that cows and pigs are fed from or drink from (usually they refer to these as ‘troughs’ .

More Brilliant Ideas of Old Tubs into Planters

You can also use these to bathe in, and in this blog we are going to accentuate just briefly how to make an old tub into a flower planter. These especially work well with sunflowers and metal country farm tubs. Sunflowers tend to get rather big quite fast and they need some strength and strong soil in order to keep them growing right. You want to make sure the soil you use is already fertilized, if not i would use natural remedies such as animal manure or even urine, it may sound gross but it actually works when you mix the latter with 3 parts water. A lot of old wives tales I found work really well. You want a soil that is moisture rich and will encourage the flowers to grow to their full potential. It may take some hunting and research, but, after all, that is one of the fun parts of gardening, the choosing of materials. Happy Decorating!


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