DIY Pallet Table with Artsy-Smartsy Inserts

DIY Pallet Table with Artsy-Smartsy InsertsI really love this idea. It’s new, it’s fresh and best of all, it’s an artistic conversation piece that will have you and your company raving about it for years to come. You can even utilize old crates to be used for this project, in fact I would highly reccommend it. They are relatively expensive to buy or procure on the cheap or free, especially if you already own some. Just add a touch of paint, primer or varnish and you have a classic old wood table. Add some mosaic inserts, even colorful old photographs or some stained glass or colored glass rocks if you wish to be creative.

 DIY Pallet Table with Artsy Smartsy Inserts

 The top layer of this table should either easily slide off, or it should come off so you can both display the pieces you wish to through the slats and change them up on a regular basis. After all, sooner or later that table is going to get pretty dirty and dusty, even if it hasn’t been used. Dust naturally collects on furniture, especially anything wood, no matter what it has been treated with. That way you can also keep your artsy pieces from getting moldy and oldie at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a mosaic insert either. You can use anything, as long as you are able to see what you are displaying somewhat in the slats of the wood. My advice to you is to make it colorful, artsy and fun. And, as always, we here at our DIY site remind you to keep Happy Decorating!


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