How To Making the Most out of a Smaller Space

How To Making the Most out of a Smaller SpaceSo, you have a small apartment. So, what? It doesn’t mean that you have to get down about it or feel like you are living in a closet. It doesn’t mean you cannot do better for yourself, especially with what you already have. The point, my dear readers, for most of these blogs is to not only improve your life and your home inexpensively, but also to make the most with what you already have. We have already talked much earlier about how to make a small bathroom look roomy and comfortable. The same rule applies here. I wouldn’t say get a bed so big that it encompasses the whole space, maybe get a daybed that you can also use as a couch and a few colorful chairs, a bookcase and a night stand so it can be versatile as a living room space for company.


 How To Making the Most out of a Smaller Space

You can even bring in a coffee table and an ottoman or two, I especially like those that have added hidden storage inside of them for things like books, crotcheting and kids toys. You can make the most of this space. It doesn’t have to look like Buckingham Palace or that a pauper lives here. With the right amount of ingenuity, you can transform this very tiny studio in New York into not only a functional, versatile living space but, *le gasp!* it can also be your bedroom and study at night. We here at DIY are full of great ideas. Our job is to spark that creativity in you as well so you may come up with your own in the future. Happy Decorating!


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