Brilliant Ideas Part 3: The Living Room

Brilliant Ideas Part 3 The Living Room Your living room should take center stage in your house. After you grab and impress your guests with your colorful front garden and that highly impressive walkway that they have virtually NO idea you made yourself within a few short hours and after gasping and ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aah-ing’ at your new and vibrant candy-apple red and white entryway, it is time to really bowl over the neighbors and those hard-to-please business clients you invited over for dinner.

Brilliant Ideas Part 3: The Living Room

Okay, so you JUST got done eating a wonderful dinner your chef prepared for everyone in your ultra-modern and still-country-home feeling dining room, so what do we do now? I would say it is time, as per tradition, to head into the living room where one can discuss business over a few drinks, a nice roaring fire, maybe a cigar or lemon tarte after a nice dinner, perhaps some soft music. Beethoven, anyone?

Make your living room take center stage more than any place in your home. It is where you are going to be doing most of your living (hence, the appropro name), and entertaining and just plain enjoying life. Put in a few book cases or design them right into the walls if you want to give the Client’s something to look over and talk about to keep them from feeling bored. Add that newly knitted throw your wife just made to give the women folk something to talk about too. Add a few intricate conversation pieces to keep things flowing, making sure to maximize your space but also to go with the general ‘flow’ and decorum of the room. And, above all –

 Happy Decorating!


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