Brilliant Ideas Part 5: NOTHING like a Good Book!

Brilliant Ideas Part 5 NOTHING like a Good Book!Wouldn’t it be simply WONDERFUL to be able to pick up a good book any old time you like without having to get up and go to the study, ESPECIALLY after you just got all settled into bed, and all comfy and cozy? Your child wants a bedtime story, or three, or four, and you don’t have time to keep going back to the other side of the room or out the door because you want them to fall asleep? Well, now you can do just that!

 Brilliant Ideas Part 5: NOTHING like a Good Book!

 This bed/bookshelf combo has ALL the classic convenience of a bookshelf with added storage to hold your glasses, your children’s teddy bears, pictures, that glass of water your children always seem to need in the middle of the night, that tooth for the tooth fairy Hubert is just TOO afraid he will lose under his pillow, that wad of gum Silvia has been chewing for decades, even a few trinkets and baubles you and your children cherish so dearly, their copperized baby booties, for example. My grandmother, who was more of a mother to me and I loved with all my heart, may she rest forever in peace and happiness, had one of these. It was built into her waterbed already and had a mirror, too with intricate etching. It even had a mantle on top for added decorative ideas or for more books! How absolutely delightful and quaint! My passion for reading was mostly absorbed in me because of her, so this is an absolute necessity in MY dream home. Don’t want to keep the overhead or side lamps on when you are trying to get yourself or your kids to bed? Add a few stick-on, battery-operated touch lights or night lights for a more cozy look and some late-night reading.

 Happy Decorating!


One thought on “Brilliant Ideas Part 5: NOTHING like a Good Book!

  • January 27, 2014 at 2:04 am

    LOVE it!! I can never find end tables and head board I like. Did you build these shelves? Or where did you get them?? Do you have tutorial on this??


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