Decorating With Hydrangeas

hydrangea-ballsHydrangeas are the most beautiful flowers to me. When I see hydrangeas, the first thing I think of are old Southern plantation homes. They are known for being all around the old southern homes. But where did they come from? Let me give you a quick history of the hydrangea. They are native to Japan, but in 1730 they were brought to England and ever since then they’ve been grown in gardens all over Europe and eventually parts of North America. They come in beautiful colors like creams, reds, pinks, whites and blues.

With so many color choices, it’ll be easier to decorate your home with them! They give off a relaxed, dreamy feel with an old, vintage vibe.  Many people place them in vintage boxes or baskets. Some people (like me) find old tin watering cans and place them in those. Although it is something so simple and small, it can make a world of difference in a drab room. You can even hang them for a graceful, but elegant look! If you’re not a good gardener and don’t think you could grow your own, then head on over to an arts and crafts store and look for them in the fake flower section. They’re such a popular flower that you can find them just about anywhere.  By the way, if you are looking for the supplies necessary to make your own floral arrangements at home, check out the following link for just about everything you would ever need at the best prices! Flower Supplies
Here’s a video showing how to make a hydrangea wreath using things you can find laying around the house! Get your coffee filters and paintbrushes ready!

I absolutely love the idea of the hydrangea wreath but that’s not all you can do with them! Did I mention that they’re used in weddings also? Here’s a video showing how you can make a tall centerpiece for a wedding! These look so good and can be placed on a table beside your cakes, by gifts or wherever you choose! These look simply amazing!

Do you have hydrangeas in your home? How do you decorate with them? Leave your answers in the comment section below!




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