Inviting Entrances

Inviting EntrancesI said it before and I’ll say it again. A home is your personal playground and palace. Every aspect of it should be a personal reflection of you and your own unique sense of style. Your front yard and entrance should also reflect these values. The sheer point of a front yard, walkway and entryway is to make people driving by or walking by gasp, wondering who lives there, and anxious to see what is inside. Wouldn’t you just LOVE to tell your envious neighbors that the beautiful flower garden you have out front not only did NOT take the work of professional landscapers, but only took you a day to complete yourself?

  Inviting Entrances

 Isn’t there some great sense of pride at a job well done, especially when you know you have done that job yourself? All it takes is a little determination, drive and effort to turn a drab lawn into a fantasy garden. Get creative with the chainsaw and hedge clippers. Plant some flowers together that may hybrid into something unique. The Native Americans used to plant different things next to each other to confuse and keep away pesky critters and bugs. I say, not only is this a great idea for that purpose, but to also create ‘mutations’ that may turn out to be beautiful and new. You never know what is going to happen when you tackle a project. But, then again, that’s all part of the beauty and enjoyment of it, after all. Happy Decorating!


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