My Dream Home Vol. 1 : Dreamy Fireplaces

dreamy-fireplace-love-the-windows-above-the-cabinetsLately, it has been QUITE chilly in the latter evenings here in California (Cali, to you natives. icon smile My Dream Home Vol. 1 : Dreamy Fireplaces ) . So, it is NO great wonder that I find myself longing to have a fireplace in my humble abode again. This is a definite ‘must have/make or break’ deal on MY list of items to have in my dream home, anyways. There is just nothing, and I stress NOTHING at all like the warm, crackling smell & feel of a nice warm fireplace.

My Dream Home Vol. 1 : Dreamy Fireplaces

 This easily provides MUCH more hours of relaxation and quiet, soothing entertainment than, say, a television, radio, phonograph, a day at the spa, yoga, meditation, or a video game or movie ever could. Just close your eyes and be transported a spell or two with me, shall we? Just imagine: The soft, crackling of the fire and flames dancing – absolutely spellbinding. You, cuddled up with a good book and your st.bernard or germanshepard Max and a cup of warm cocoa. It brings back memories out at the ski lifts or sledding as a child out on Bear Mountain, doesn’t it? You’re smiling and glowing, not just from the fire, but from sheer happiness. After all , this magical land is now in your home! It is simply the best form of meditation and relaxation. The piece de resistance’? Beautiful details throughout, in the moulding and the cute little window above the cabinets. Simply breathtaking. I have no words. So, adieu, and…Happy Decorating!


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