Brilliant Ideas Part 4: Interesting & Memorable Color-Combining

Brilliant Ideas Part 4 Interesting & Memorable Color CombiningAlright, let’s get down to it. I’m an artist. I don’t ever do ANYTHING ‘normal’ or ‘trendy’ or anything like that. Yes, I have a job. Yes I go to University. But even the way I do that is unique. I have an online job doing what I love. Art. Writing. I go to school for what I choose. I dress how I choose, I behave how I choose. Everyone is unique . Our stories are unique. We are born special. We all have special gifts and talents. We all have an idea of what we like. Don’t go with the flow. Look, if I happen to be trendy or hip or cool, its just by sheer coincidence. I make and alter my own clothes. I march to my own beat.

 Brilliant Ideas Part 4: Interesting & Memorable Color Combining

 So, my question is, why should your home be any different? This is the time to display away, baby. Show off how much you just LOVE red or orange. Show off your creativity and how you love modernism but love mixing old classic pieces, such as this antique chandelier in fire-engine or candy-apple red, for instance. Add a different splash and put some decorative throws over the backs of those sling-back modern chairs. Why not? It may look tacky to some, but you have to ultimately live there. As long as you go with the flow of your room and match these colors elsewhere, like some decorative apples on the table or a piece of art that prominently displays that burnt orange throw you just added, I see no harm in it. Add some real greenery as well. Always, always, always get some natural elements in there. Your home should always have a very relaxed and non-clinical feel.

 Happy Decorating!


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